At College Ave. Church of the Nazarene our mission is simple:
Connecting the Unconnected to Christ and together GROW to full devotion to Him!

We take seriously God’s call to make Christ-like Disciples among the nations and we firmly believe that you aren’t meant to do life alone… you’re meant to live it out in community!  You are invited to join one of our many Sunday School Groups or Growth Groups.

Sunday School Groups meet on Sunday at 9:30 am-10:30 am

  • Pre-School Classes: Lower Garman Hall

  • Children’s Ministries: 1st-5th Grades in Room 204

  • Youth Ministries: 6th-12th Grades in Upper Garman Youth Room

  • Foundations: For young adults in Room 104

  • Growth Company: Adult class in Room 202

  • Possibility Believers: Adult Class in the Founders Room

Growth Groups that meet throughout the week

  • Men’s Fellowship & Bible Study: Monday’s at 6:30-8:00 pm.
    They meet in Room 202

  • Women’s Ministries: Monday’s at 6:30-8:oo pm.
    They meet in the Founders Room